Monday, November 16, 2009

C Lab or International Lab Poland Team Handball


On October 23, 2009 Mr. Rob Krowiak and I teamed up to teach or Lab C or International Lab.  The previous week we had decided that Poland would be our country due to our Polish ancestry.  However, we had a rather small dilemma that Poland is not known for much other than their Kielbasa (sausage) and their success in The World’s Strongest Man competitions.  We decided to focus on European Handball, as it is something that most students here in America have not had much experience and would be new to a majority of our class.   We decided to discuss some of the basic rules of handball but opted to focus on the different throws or passes that could be used in a typical game.  Mr. Krowiak taught the first half of the lesson including the instant activity of blindfold tag (you can see me leading my partner in the picture below).

When I took over the lesson, the students had been working on over hand, bounce, and jump pass, along with a trick behind the back pass with their partner.  To make things a bit more challenging for the students I began my section of the lesson by introducing a defender.  The students could only use the overhand and underhand pass and the defender had to use shadow defense.  This type of defense is basic and used to help the offense transition to having a defensive player involved.  The defensive person would simply raise their arms to force and overhand pass or put their hands down low to force and overhand throw.
After a few minutes of this task, I brought the students in to tell them they could use all of the throws that Mr. Krowiak had taught but now the defense would be playing at 80% so they had to be a bit more careful or smart about what passes to use.  After a few minutes of working on all the throws with a defender it was time to bring in the students so they could work on a new task of shooting.  I described their new task of going one on one with a partner to attempt to score using the jump shot, but also letting them know they could use the other throws they had learned during the lesson.  I had placed some goals on the sides of the gym prior to class and used the big red mats on the wall as goals for the groups to spread out the groups and to allow all the students to be active and prevent waiting in lines.

Before sending the students out I reminded them of the close space and not to shoot when others are retrieving a ball.  The students seemed to enjoy this section of the lesson and I could see some competition rise as students attempted to score.  Before long it was time to end the lesson so Mr. Krowiak and I brought the students in to ask about some of the different throws they had learned.  I offered extra credit to the students if they could correctly spell my mother’s maiden Polish name of Strojnowski for the next class. 

            I felt more comfortable in this Lab compared to the previous lessons that I had taught.  It was fun to work with a partner and liked how we each had our own areas to teach.  Best of all, I felt that the class really enjoyed the lesson and were disappointed when we had to end the lesson. 
       Unfortunately I am having some technical difficulties with the video clip from this lesson (the pains that come from being a Mac lover in a PC world) so some of the links below will be updated at a later date.  Thank you for understanding. 

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