Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lab B

On Friday October 2nd we continued our Ultimate (Frisbee) Planning Unit in 255 as we taught Lab B.  My topic was while players pass and move and in a defender.   I felt what all I could do was improve from my previous experience with Lab A.  However, once again it seemed like my nerves got the best of me.  I tried to relax before class and up until I taught but felt like the material I was going to cover had been covered by previous students when they introduced intra task variations into their lessons.  I felt that I should not be repeating previous information but knew I had to stick to my topic and adapt the best I could. 
            After analyzing my teaching from Lab A2 I had caught myself saying “you guys” so I went into the lesson trying to eliminate that phrase from my vocabulary.  After listening to my audio I did in fact improve by not saying this phrase.  However, at times I did fail to eliminate it completely, with only audio to refer back to, it may be possible that the groups I referred to were indeed all guys. Even so, I know I must work on cutting out this saying completely.  To see what was said during my lesson, check out my transcription

            One aspect I realized I did much better on was the amount of activity time in my lesson.  In Lab A2 I fell short on the amount of time that students participated in activity during the lesson.  Being active is the key to Physical Education so it is important not to cut this time shorter than it all ready is for a lesson.  As I listened to my audio clip I completed the time coding sheet.  This breaks my lesson into ten second intervals and I describe what those ten seconds were spent doing.  I fill this for each of the ten seconds until the lesson is over.  I improved from the first time coding lesson and scored a 3 out of 4 up from a 1 out of 4 I had during Lab A2. 

            Giving congruent feedback on the cues for my lesson while using students names is another aspect I can improve on during my lesson.  Although I know all my students in the class, I am sometimes reluctant to use their names.  I know that this is important because it allows the student to realize that as a teacher I can tell when they are doing the skill or activity well.  At the same time I need to allow the student what it is exactly that they are doing proper rather than just saying “good job”.  While listening to my audio clip and looking back at my transcription I realized that I gave feedback 12 times to students.  Unfortunately only one quarter of the time or to four students did I use their name.  The other eight times I did not use a name.  Even more disturbing was the fact that I only gave two congruent forms of feedback.  Both to students whose named I used.  Perhaps using names will lead to more congruent feedback.  

            You can only improve by practicing.  Every time I can teach and analyze my experience I will find more of my strengths and weaknesses.  Then I can improve on my weaknesses to make me a better teacher.  I look forward to improving for my next lesson.  

In case you might have missed...
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  1. Jason.
    This is an excellent reflection with thorough details and explanations. Congrats.

  2. Please also add the appropriate analysis forms. Tx