Saturday, December 19, 2009

10 hours Practical Experience

During the fall soccer season I was a member of Cortland State’s Club soccer team. This allows players who want more competition compared to intramurals or who may have used up their eligibility for varsity.  We compete and travel against other area colleges such as SUNY ESF, Syracuse University, Cornell, SUNY Oswego, and Ithaca.  Our team is coached by a student Liem O’Connell who last year suffered a season ending injury last year.  Unable to play Liem opted to be a coach for this fall’s squad.  I was fortunate to complete my 10 hours of volunteer experience helping Liem, while being a member of the team.  We would meet anywhere from two to four times a week depending on availability of fields.  Our typical weekly schedule would consist of practice on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with games on Saturday.  During the season I was able to help introduce new drills and activities while doing minor projects like moving goals into position or off the field when we were done.  I am a defensive player who has been playing since I was four.  I feel that defense is the most important aspect of any sport.  Obviously with this background the drills and activities were focused on either improving individual defensive skills or defense as a unit.  It was difficult in the sense that because we are not a varsity team and classes and work would conflict with practices so we would have a different group of players at every practice.  This made working as a team a bit difficult but also helps players become better team players.  As a result of our hard work and strong defensive mind we gave up 1 goal or fewer in 5 out of our seven contests as we went on to win our league and end of the year tournament.

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